The Most Common Dental Surgeries

In any given day, there are hundreds of dental surgeries going on. Hundreds of people are getting their teeth checked, pulled up, taking up cosmetic dentistry measures, being worked on, or replaced by professional dentists. There is so much work going on in the teeth, that you could be blown away about the number of surgeries that are actually available on the market. So in a bid to give you some clarity on the type of dental surgeries that go on in clinics everyday, here are the most common dental surgeries:

  • Cavities
    Otherwise known as tooth decay. Cavities are when your teeth break down after years of decay and overuse. The process requires the dentist to extract the decayed part of your tooth and replace it with a filling. It is a common procedure that happens to everyone, regardless of how well you look after your teeth, as it a wear and tear issue.
  • Root Canals
    Sometimes the tooth itself is fine – it’s the nerve inside that is dying. This is where a root canal comes into play. The process of a root canal involves the cleaning out of the nerve inside the tooth and in the gum. The hole is then filled with a strong filling, before a crown is placed around it to ensure it remains in tact. A lengthy process, it is very popular for people. You’ll be able to find this at all dental services in Cranbourne and Melbourne.
  • Tooth Extraction
    Okay, this only happens in the most severe of cases, but it does happen. Tooth extractions means the “pulling out of teeth”. While it might sound super painful, the truth is quite the opposite: tooth extractions are easy to do, and thanks to the medication, are not that painful. It takes a few days of care and you’ll be able to eat like normal again. A popular option for many people dealing with major teeth problems.

Teeth Cleaning

The name of this surgery explains it all; even though it is not a surgery by any means. But plenty of people sometime feel the need to get their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. That means they look towards having their teeth flossed, rinsed and washed with high-quality paste to give it a shine. On top of that many people try to get their teeth whiten to bring out the best colors possible.

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