What is Personal Better?

Personal Better is about participation not performance, crossing the finish line no matter what pace or time, and continuing to better yourself.

Medibank and parkrun have partnered to help you achieve your Personal Better. Every Saturday morning, in {{locationCount}} locations across Australia, free 5km walks are happening.

So, what's your Personal Better?

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What is parkrun?

With {{locationCount}} locations in Australia, parkrun is a community of over 235,000 making fitness about fun. We get together on Saturday mornings to run, cheer each other on and celebrate every finish line.


People of Personal Better: Matt

A marathon is something that everybody should do once in their life.

Personal Better Achievement

One marathon in each state, two to go.

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People of Personal Better: Brenton

I want to show the world that even though I have a disability I can still do everything.

Personal Better Achievement

Has attended ten Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festivals.

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People of Personal Better: Juliet

I’m not much of a runner, but the reason why I started was because of my son Damian, who has cerebral palsy.

Personal Better Achievement

Running in the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival with her family.

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People of parkrun: Sally

For journalist and mum Sally, Personal Better Day is a chance to share her love for running with her family. Even though she hopes to get quicker, it's not a race for Sally - it's about bettering herself every week.

Favourite park

Diamond Creek.

Personal Better Achievement

Improve fitness and time, and making new friends.

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People of parkrun: Susan

Although she has always enjoyed running in the park, Susan is now officially a parkrunner. She enjoys being a part of the fit and active community and joining her friends for early mornings along the river.

Favourite park

New Farm.

Personal Better Achievement

Getting up and having a go, even if it's the first time.

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